American Sign Language Club Review

Both DMACC students and teachers participate in the new ASL Club.

Ankeny DMACC offers 55 club opportunities, and American Sign Language Club is one of them. ASL Club was started this year at DMACC by student Carlos Perez. Carlos himself is a deaf student here at DMACC and he wanted to help teach sign language. Carlos and I attended the same high school and his interpreter and himself helped me learn some useful signs. Carlos wants to help students and teachers learn the basics of sign language and hopefully break the barrier of the hearing and non-hearing.The Ankeny Campus Bookstore recently ordered ASL Dictionaries and will continue to purchase more as long as people are purchasing the dictionaries. American Sign Language club meets on Fridays from 4-5 in building 5 room 1214, our last meeting of the year will be Friday, April 27th!

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