DMACC History

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By Alex Payne. An estimated 40 faculty and staff prepare to retire at the end of this semester. When they go they will take a part of DMACC history with them. Follow our three part series taking a look back through DMACC’s history. DMACC was established as Area XI CommunityRead More

Alternatives for buying and selling textbooks

Alternatives for buying and selling textbooks

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By Jesse Garwick. Nobody likes paying more than what they have to: especially for a short-term-use item like a textbook. Some students even say they never used their textbook in class, and it was just a waste of their money. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives to simply purchasing brandRead More

A Gift of Life

A Gift of Life

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This story is a first-person account by Drew Brown, who was Dyamond’s close friend.  Dyamond Ott, an 18-year-old DMACC student, was full of life. Dyamond loved to hang out with friends and family, but her passion was dancing. She would find happiness, even on the worst of days. She livedRead More

Cell phones can cause distraction

Cell phones can cause distraction

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Written by Drew Brown Have you ever been in the middle of taking a test and a cell phone went off? Where do we draw the line between having the need of being contacted in an emergency and the want to check Facebook every five minutes. “Using your cell phoneRead More

Playwriting contest: expressing your ideas and producing them By Lacey Harrison

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Everyone has at some point enjoyed the results of writing and its actions and now could be your chance to produce it here at DMACC. It is the 17th Annual Huff Theatre Playwriting Contest we have had here at DMACC. The contest is open to all students, the general public,Read More

Over 40 Clubs offered by DMACC

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DMACC currently has over 40 clubs and organizations available to students, ranging from major-specific to honor societies to clubs based on the passions of their members. Clubs and organizations serve as a great opportunity to gain skills, meet people, and get out-of-the-classroom experience in your field of choice. “Most departmentsRead More