The College Student’s Guide to Feminism

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Feminism (noun): the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes To some, feminism is the scariest “f-word” they know. To some, it’s the scariest word they know, period. To some, it stands for hatred of men, for over-dramatic, emotional women playing victim to things that doRead More

The word Summer written on a sandy beach, with beach towel, starfish and flip flops (studio shot - warm color and directional light are intentional).  Note: extreme wide angle shot with curvature of field and focus on the word Summer.

Top 10 Things to Do This Summer

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Travel to a big city. Even if it’s just for the weekend, there’s nothing like getting a few of your friends together and exploring a giant city you’ve never been to. And it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, either. Splitting a hotel room and the cost of gasRead More

Active Living through Farrell’s

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Fitness is a trend in America; people are realizing the importance of physical activity and health. New gyms are popping up all over the metro area. From yoga to crossfit, people are open to trying new ways to get in shape. There is one Des Moines franchise that has beenRead More

Ghost in the Shell

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Having not watched either the 1995 anime or read the manga, I didn’t know what to expect from a film adaptation of the popular “Ghost in the Shell franchise. “In saying this, I recognize the unequivocal attachment that fans have for it, and will try to consider this during myRead More

Geek Brief: Trading Card Games

Geek Brief: Trading Card Games

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Perhaps one day you were in Building 5 and happened to see two people sitting across from each other playing a game of cards, but not your standard deck of 52. These cards had vivid portraits and tiny text detailing what the card can do. Even more strangely,after the gameRead More

Brian Hanigan

Don’t ignore the nuclear threat from North Korea

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If the Cuban Missile Crisis has taught the world anything, it’s that we can’t ignore the dangerous potential capabilities of nuclear weapons no matter the situation. Since the end of the Cold War the immediate threat of a nuclear holocaust has been greatly diminished but that doesn’t mean that itRead More

The Presidency

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This presidency is a sick and twisted joke. The leader of the free world uses Twitter to spark controversy and drama. He is a conspiracy theorist who tells “alternate facts” instead of leading the country. Lately in a not so subtle effort to distract from the on going investigation onRead More

Get Out

Get Out

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Get Out is a movie written and directed by Jordan Peele who is known for being a comedian. When the previews for Get Out started I was not sure what to expect, but I saw that Peele directed it and I thought I would go see it. Get out isRead More